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Emotional Currency

Book By Kate Levinson





Discussion Prompts

Since we get a lot of our money illegally, under the table or by socially non-endorsed means, does this affect how we use our money? 

For example...

  • Do we feel entitled to not pay taxes?
  • Do we feel we are due any other entitlements because of the work we do?
  • Do we feel that putting our schmoney in the bank will lead to some sort of IRS/police discovery of what dirty nasty sluts we really are?
  • Do we feel obligated to GIVE OUR MONEY AWAY via gifts and loans (to friends and family) because of the presumed abundance of our jobs?
  • Do we feel obligated to spend a lot of our money publicly to give the appearance of success either to other Heaux OR as a fuck you to a repressive/judgmental culture?
  • Do we feel we must save/spend all our $$$ right now because sex work is the only time in our lives when we will have "enough"?

Do we believe our biggest value is fleeting and/or temporal because society "only" rewards women for youth and beauty and that's all we're being rewarded for as sex workers? Do we have shame about AGING and POVERTY because of this?

How we interact with customers around money usually mirrors the relationship we had with shame and money in our families except more extreme.  

  • How often has a customer tried to buy our love, deny us love, play favorites, etc.  
  • How does that affect our bodies and our feelings and our ability to make money?
  • What can you do to remain grounded and sane in these situations?

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