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Thriving in Sex Work


Book By Lola Davina




By Z.

Thriving in Sex Work is part workshop, part autobiography with a lot of good advice for how to stay in sex work longer, happier and some good bits to get you thinking about how to organize your finances for success.

Written inclusively and with a lot of love, Thriving in Sex Work is brought to us mostly from the apartment of a mid-thirties full service provider who manages her own business.  I love the advice to hire professionals, save, invest, plan, address fear and grow community.  Worth reading, and having on hand for excellent references.  IMO this book is for the more secure ho looking to up his/her game. 

Discussion Prompts


Arts-n-Crafts Idea

This book is all about radical self-acceptance coupled with radical self-care.  One place to begin with both these v. important journeys is with our own bodies!! So we drew pussy portraits.