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The Butterfly Effect

Audiobook By Jon Ronson




Mom says…

Thank you, Jon Ronson. You, and this audio series, are the perfect example of white men doing the work of educating their own damn selves.

It was so good that it was easy to forgive his few horny slip ups (such close scrutiny of the stamp man, for example, or tantalizing audio of a real, live porn shoot).  Or were these indulgences scintillatingly effective ways to advance the plot?? While I have no idea his motives, thanks to sex work, it has become my personal priority to not shame or overly scrutinize what makes someone's sexual clock tick.  Not only do these kind of judgments get in the way of me making money, by this point in my career I have seen and held too many wonderful human beings to want to shame or put on blast any of their kinks and quirks. Humans are too special, and it is such and honor to be entrusted with their guarded truths.  

I deeply appreciate Jon Ronson's ability to humanize all humans because that's what we sex workers are up to on the regular.  He's one of us!

5/5 stars

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