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Witches Sluts Feminists

Book By Kristen J. Sollee




Mia says…

  • Reveals and rebels against the age-old stigmatization of women, replacing stigma with power.

  • Perfect for any woman (witch, slut, feminist or otherwise) OR any misogynist looking to have their mind blown.

4/5 heel clacks

Discussion Prompts

Sollée argues that the term "witch" is primarily a term reserved for women universally, and anything we do could at some point be labeled witch-like (one of her unfortunate examples was the presidential race and slander against Hilary Clinton). What are some positive or negative ways in our lives that could be considered witchy? (For example, Dad's answer is her vegan diet, which helps connect her to the earth.)

While all Heaux are magic, not all identify as Witchy.  What about the Witch identity appeals to you? What about it scares you? Do you use your Witchiness at werk?

Did you grow up with cultural beliefs or values that either affirmed or vilified the Witch, Slut or Feminist Identity? In what ways have you consciously rejected or cultivated these archetypes?

Page 61: "The witch once again played the role she is best suited to play - the shapeshifter. Whether [she] appears a...hag or a knowledgeable, capable woman has everything to do with who calls her into being. She always reflects the beliefs of her beholder." How can we as shapeshifters (at least at work) find empowerment in who calls us into being?

Arts-n-Crafts Idea

We were inspired by learning about various historical witch archetypes and their animal spirit helpers (familiars) so we drew self portraits of our Witchy Selves and Familiars.  One of our enterprising members (now in art school!) used her hoarder's stash of make up to create her self portrait!