All Ho Book Club
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All Ho Book Club
We are all heaux. We read and review books about hoism.

Who is Book Club?


Book Club is a celebration of Hoism

Book Club is a weekly gathering of Heaux. We get together to drink tea, make art and talk about Ho Literature. We are a stronger community when we explore and strengthen our individual and collective Ho Identities.

Book Club is a safe space. We need safe places because our work is often isolating and dangerous.

Book Club is a place to make new and unexpected friends.  Being open to unexpected Ho Friendships increases our ability to be inclusive, generous, kind and supportive Heaux to those who are different from us.

Book Club is community.  Community is an important way of dismantling the patriarchal narrative that femmes are catty and competetive.  It's radical for women, especially sex workers, to get together and affirm their value to society, share resources, share experiences and hold each other up.

Book Club does a lot of arts-n-crafts.  Creative expression is empowering, therapeutic, cathartic and an important part of the revolution.


Starting Your Own Book Club?

We spent a lot of time curating our Book Club experience so that it feels safe, inclusive and fun! Here's how we did it:

Discussion Guidelines

How To Be A Better Ho Sister

Meeting Format

mom and dad.JPG

Mom and Dad

Mom (left) and Dad (right) met years ago under the swirling disco lights of a strip club where they cut their teeth as baby heaux and learned life lessons on the laps of many generous, strange, beautiful and horny men.  They have traveled the world in search of money, glamour, sex, bright hot spotlights of truth and pink glowing bubbles of comfort and coziness. Mom and Dad have fostered many hungry babies in private rooms of clubs, but when it was time for them to start a family of their own, they created a Book Club where heaux around the globe could read, drink tea and connect with each other no matter how similar or different.  They hope this website will allow the family to grow and give All Heaux a platform for their voices, thoughts, ho-pinions and expertise.



Sky flurried down from a sparkling abyss in the multiverse to sprinkle heavenly glow and heartfelt beauty onto those who come into her path.  Her intention is to bring love, passion, and a deeper awareness to those who need it most.  Skys’ life path has been curved and caressed by her many diverse experiences around the world.  Her passions include fostering divine sisterhood, living life to the fullest, sarcastic witty banter, being in nature, and balancing the divine feminine and masculine on this earthly plain. Her dream is to open a sanctuary space where Heaux can connect, dive deep, and learn about the depths of our soul.  She adores living in community, travelling the world near and far, laughing so much it hurts, and helping all whom she meets master the idea of self love.  Sky lives her truth on the West Coast of California bringing juicy goodness from her heart.  Goddess. Priestess. Presence. Truth. Love. LifeForce. Bliss <3



V appreciates what she’s gained from working as a stripper and exploring other avenues of sex work: an opportunity to explore aspects of herself, an outlet for her passion for performance and power in conquering sexual shame. She has experienced healing, and finds fulfillment in being a healer for others. Sex work can be magical, intense, traumatic, affirming, therapeutic and so many other things, and Book Club has been a place to process the highs and lows with Hos who understand.



Mia is a Bay Area native and natural born slut.  She has been a stripper since 2014 when she finally said "fuck it!" and stepped into her first pair of 7 inch lucite heels.  When she's not shaking it at the club, she can be found in the Lower Haight watching dogs and drinking coffee.