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Playing The Whore

Book By Melissa Gira Grant




Dad says…

Lauded as “THE” book to read on sex work, I honestly did not enjoy this book at first. The tone seemed didactic and even a little snarky to me all the way through the first half of the book, almost as if the author had a chip on her shoulder. Then all of a sudden, the book somehow changed and I loved the second half of the book. I thought the points made were ones I hadn’t thought of before, the commentary was clever and important, and the tone authoritative without being overbearing. Even though I only liked half the book, I would still recommend it to anyone who wanted to examine sex work through a very academic lens.

3/5 stars

Discussion Prompts

Pages 79-81:  How do we hold space for difficult situations/feelings about work without perpetuating the "happy hooker" or sad victims stereotype?

Page 88:  Men are given porn as a release and in this section the equivalent that women are given is public speaking of rage/crying about how they've been hurt by porn. What would a public demonstration of release look like for women if it were centered around pleasure instead of pain? 

Page 98: How do power and sex shape us?

In general, how does mainstream visibility help Heaux? Hurt us?

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