Discussion Guidelines



Let's speak from personal experiences instead of delcarative statements.  Start sentences with "in my experience" and "for me" 

instead of: Men suck.

try: In my experience, men suck.

instead of: Witches are the coolest people.

try: For me, witches are so cool.



Let's not mentions specific dollar amounts.

instead of: I asked this guy for a $1000 tip last night.

try: I was so proud of myself for asking for a bigger tip than usual last night.



Let's not use specific names.

instead of: That bitch Sparkle Pussy steals my customers all the time.

try: I felt so frustrated when another girl got a dance from my regular.



No interrupting.  



Keep in mind how much you've been talking versus how much other people have been talking.  Some people might not be talking because they don't want to--no one has to talk!



While we appreciate the non-stop Ho Hustle of all present, please limit cell phone use.



Good listening means: limiting side chatter, making eye contact, asking follow up questions and not always having the same opinion.



It's okay to come to Book Club high, tired, strung out, bad mood, good mood, hot or frumpy.  PMS OKAY.


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