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The Sex Worker Next Door

From the WNYC podcast Death, Sex and Money by Anna Sale




Dad says…

This beautiful interview by Death Sex and Money podcast producer Anna Sale with “Emma” (name changed for privacy and safety), a FBSM sex worker, gives insight into one woman’s journey of how she became a sex worker and her feelings about it. 

For the most part, I felt like the interviewer asked compassionate, intelligent questions that showed the full scope of emotions around this woman’s life and job. To be honest, there were a few moments of “well why don’t you just leave the job if you don’t like it,” which were frustrating, but in general I found the content really enjoyable, heartfelt, relatable and even heart-breaking at times. I definitely cried while listening; highly recommend this episode.

5/5 stars 

Discussion Prompts


Arts-n-Crafts Idea

This book brought up so many questions about why we do sex work.  Not every profession/job is subject to such scrutiny.  How can we turn this harsh examination into an opportunity to feel better about ourselves and our decision to do sex work? We decided to make pie charts with different slices of pie representing different motivations and rewards for our work.

  • To support our families

  • A quest for happiness

  • Personal growth

  • It never occurred to us to do anything else

  • Fun

  • Exercise

  • To satisfy a personal kink

  • Pay the goddamn bills

  • Community

  • Activism/Politics

  • No other choice

  • Sexual satisfaction

  • Self expression

  • Creative Outlet

  • Healing yourself/others

We found it so helpful to identify and prioritize these different slices of pie. We also honor that these priorities reorganize themselves throughout our careers.  Perhaps we entered the field with one goal and now get something completely different out of the gig.