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Sex is Sex and Money is Money

Article By Svetlana Z.




Dad says…

Written by a Russian immigrant who goes by Svetlana, this article gives pull-yourself-up-by-the-boot-straps entrepreneurial advice that the author learned through her years as a high end escort. The advice is meant to be applicable to any business-minded person, but as a fellow sex worker, I found some of her advice practical and clever. At other times, Svetlana’s words can come off as condescending and even tone-deaf (spending money to make money is a tried and true aphorism in the self-made business world, but it doesn’t take into account a lot of factors that might make spending very difficult for some marginalized folks).

In general, this is a great perspective from an immigrant sex worker, which is a voice we don’t give a platform to often, so I would recommend this article for the author’s intellect and frank approach to business advice. 

4/5 stars 

Discussion Prompts

What parts of this story surprised you? Why? What parts could you relate to?

Her lessons: 

  • Spend money to make money

  • Make stereotypes work for you

  • The price is right

  • One is the most profitable number

What are some parallels between Svetlana and Zola? Or even the advice in Ho Tactics?

Svetlana sees herself as an entrepreneur. What defines a sex worker and/or entrepreneur? 

Her four categories of guys:

  • Pay for companionship

  • Buying a relationship

  • Think they own you

  • Couples

How would you categorize your clients/customers?

Read the comments section of the story and think about how you would respond to this piece.

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