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How To Be A Feminist At The Strip Club

Zine By Jacq The Stripper

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Dad says…

This short, illustrated instructional pamphlet by Jacq the Stripper is written as a way to help customers have a fun time at the club while following general guidelines of respect and kindness for those generous heaux entertaining said customers. 

As a stripper, I could relate to and easily agree with all of the advice given; I often get the question at work, “So...what are the rules here?” With guidelines and rules varying from state to state and club to club, I think this pamphlet seeks to help curious men (and others!) who might be uncertain with how to straddle having fun while being respectful. 

The only issue I guess I took with this instructional booklet was the “feminist” angle in the title. While I personally have identified as a feminist for many years and don’t think it helps men to shy away from the term just to appease their anxieties about what feminism really is, I’m not sure that the kind of person who probably needs to read this material would be the kind of person who is concerned about feminism. To me that begs the question, who is this pamphlet really for? Someone who is already comfortable with the fact that feminism is simply treating ALL humans with dignity and respect (which by extension would probably already play out at the club)? Or is it for a potential patron who is eager, horny, perhaps a little nervous and confused and just wants to have a good time? 

I don’t know the answer to whether keeping politics out of the strip club is the best policy, or if the club can/should be an educational opportunity for how to treat other people (regardless of gender identity, job title, income, etc.) Perhaps both are possible. 

4/5 stars

Mom says…

Well said, Dad.

Discussion Prompts

What does a "feminist at the strip club" look like to you? Are they your ideal clients?

Do your dream customers identify as feminist? Do you care either way?

How do you foresee this zine getting into the hands of feminists who are also interested in visiting a strip club?

Have you ever encountered a "male rights activist" at work?  How does it feel interacting with them?

Do you consider yourself a feminist? How does that identity impact your choices at work, if at all?

Arts-n-Crafts Idea

In honor of Jacq The Stripper's amazing series "Strippers at the Met" where Jacq and friends go to New York City's finest museums to find examples of reknowned art encapsulating the strip club experience, Book Club decided to do the same at San Francisco's MoMA complete with iconic "leave-me-alone" outfits.  Try going to a local museum (universities and colleges often have museums and large galleries if you don't live in a big city) and looking for portraits of your daily life!