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Book by Jacq The Stripper




Dad says…

I was so excited for this book that I even submitted interview questions and pre-ordered the book! Well worth it. This book is a fun, smart, savvy illustrated book depicting the trials and tribulations of stripping by the wonderful Jacq the Stripper. If you’re already a fan of her Instagram (or even if you’re not), Striptastic will make you laugh, make you think, and make you want to hit your local strip club with pockets full of cash! 

5/5 stars

Mia says…

  • My favorite stripper-made book of 2017

  • Endlessly entertaining, informative and dazzling, just like strippers irl.

  • A must read for any stripper or stripper lover

5/5 heel clacks

Discussion Prompts


Arts-n-Crafts Idea

Jacq inspired us to draw!  Many of us have not felt like good artists since 1st grade. But it's time to change that! And making comics makes us laugh :)