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Ho Tactics

Book By G. L. Lambert




Dad says…

The book that started it all! I dove in with great anticipation, ready to freshen up my approach to work and glean some new insights on hustling. My very first reaction was one of surprise and even skepticism when I realized the book with the subtitle, “How to Mindfuck a Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring,” was in fact written by a man! 

Author G.L. Lambert defines a “ho” as a woman who hustles material goods from men using seduction and feminine wiles. He’s specific to state that he does not think a “good” ho needs to fuck men in order to get what she wants. The entire book details exactly how to mentally break down a chosen target so they are eventually putty in your hands. 

As a stripper, I was hoping to use these tactics at my job, and while I think there is valuable advice in Ho Tactics, I don't find it applicable for my night to night hustle. That said, there are tactics I have employed on potential tricks that have been fun to try and had varying degrees of success. 

In general, I found this book to be a very fun and fast read. One of the best qualities is the author’s conversational tone and modern day pop culture references as examples of what to do or not to do. For those who are socially conscious and/or care about intersectionality, there is some problematic language and generalization of behaviors based on genders offered up as absolute truths, but I personally found it easy enough to take what worked and leave the rest. 

4/5 stars

Mia says…

  • I read about half this book before getting bored and forgetting about it.

  • Supports women in their slutty pursuit of wealth in wildly entertaining fashion.

  • Funny and sometimes informative but also mansplains? Maybe? IDK

3/5 heel clacks

Discussion Prompts

Is G. L. Lambert a feminist?

WHO IS HE ANYWAY??? I secretly want him to be a woman.

Were you surprised that having sex is NOT how he recommends getting stuff?  This book basically defines a whole new type of sex work.  Not escort, not sugar baby, not domme, not stripper (in fact he specifically puts down strippers), maybe something like sugar baby meets phone sex operator?).

What object would you substitute for headphones? I know a ho who had a customer who must have read this book and kept asking her when he could buy her headphones. We must keep them on their toes!

We love how he acknowledges the Great Hungry Animal that is sometimes our sexuality.  How do you personally deal with your attraction to clients and customers? Do your boundaries change depending on your attraction to your client? How does this attraction affect your ability to make money/get presents? Is money/presents always the most valuable thing you get from a client?

Lambert claims that it is easier for women to wrap their mind around earning money than accumulating personal power and respect.  Having/getting enough money is almost a gateway to self respect. Do you agree/disagree?

Has reading this book helped you make more money, get better clients, etc?

Arts-n-Crafts Idea

Vision boards!  How will you ever be able to hustle if you don't know what you want?  This is your chance to dream big!  Because whether you earn the money to buy it yourself, or Daddy gets it for you, YOU STILL NEED TO KNOW YOUR SIZE.