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Bonnie Rotten: (Triple) Anal Queen on the PornHub Podcast with Asa Akira

May 28, 2018 Episode 12

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Mom says…

It was like Book Club, on air! What a cozy, cute fun conversation with intelligent, nasty and business-oriented heaux! It was a pleasure and delight to listen in on their wisdom and gossip. It seems like a lot of porn fans might listen to this podcast to satisfy a voyeuristic streak, but what they will get is frank and dirty talk from some awesome real humans. LOVE THIS.

I’m so glad Book Club took the time to sample PornHub’s funnest mulitmedia offering with our favorite Asa Akira (editrix of Book Club’s 2018 Book Of The Year Golden Teapot Award for her book Asarotica). As a side note, we did all take the time to watch Bonnie’s famous triple anal scene and some of us were left wondering: was that really 3 dicks in one asshole? Or some other combination. Watch for yourself and write us with your hopinion!

Discussion Prompts

  • Do you believe gossip, an inherently femme style of communication, is good, bad, or something of both?

  • Would you like to participate in a triple anal scene either for the camera or in private?

  • What are some of your “wildest” fantasies and what steps are you taking to make them come true?

  • What are your hard nos when it comes to sex and how does listening to this podcast make you feel about them?

Arts-n-Crafts Idea

We discussed this podcast while coloring in Jacq The Stripper’s Strippers Forever Activity Book available for free download here.